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Certification Process

How to get certified?

Accessibility as a feature of Tourism quality and comfort

The certification system “Tourism for All” that was developed in Germany, aims to collect, evaluate and provide detailed and reliable information to people with disabilities and mobility limitations when making their travel plans and decisions. Consultations with the affected disability associations and travel industry stakeholders supported the development of the system criteria and associated training.


Travel for disabled people begins from varying perspectives as everyone’s needs are different. Therefore, both reliable information and communication are critical in understanding people’s accessibility needs. A lack of awareness about disabled people’s needs means that a great proportion of the travel market is not catered for properly.


The “Travel for All” certification provides verified and reliable accessibility characteristics for a tourism service, facility or attraction. Among other benefits, it provides wide access to communication channels the information of which is used by international travel companies as well as individual travellers.

Who is involved in the certification process ?

  • Exclusive License holder of the labeling system in Greece – InclusiveGreece

  • Consulting who offer the certification Surveyors of inclusiveGreece who have successfully completed training to become a certified surveyor Certifying

  • Authority DSFT which evaluates the surveyed and assigns the label

Certification Process

by inclusiveGreece


  • Information

  • Certification agreement with InclusiveGreece Consulting

  • Certification Assignment

  • Data collection

  • Data transmission

DSFT Berlin


  • Evaluation and Verification by DSFT, Berlin

by inclusiveGreece


Training of employees

by inclusiveGreece + DSFT Berlin


  • Labelling and Certification issued by DSFT, Berlin

  • Presence in the communication channels

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