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Labelling & Quality Criteria


In order to overcome the most critical point in offering accessible tourism products and to act as an inclusive destination is to provide accessibility information which enables people to make travel decisions based on reliable information.

Labeling System

The labeling system “Travel for All” insists on safety-compliance in order to ensure high cross-industry quality standards. The standards have been carefully elaborated in cooperation with affected associations and tourism stakeholders.

It is an information and management system that enables the guest to assess the suitability of the offer for their own needs.

In this way, guests can evaluate the touristic services the suitability for personal needs and preferences before the travel decision is made.

The guarantee of the labelling and certification system is:

  • Specially trained surveyors visit the facilities, regions and locations

  • Collection of data on accessibility using standardized survey forms

  • An assessment by an independently trained data collector and not a self-assessment by the company

  • Evaluation of the data

  • Labeling and certification issued

  • Recertification after 3 years

1. The label “Information on accessibility” indicates that detailed and verified information on accessibility is available for all groups of people.

2. The label “Accessibility checked” is based on “Information on accessibility” and means that the quality criteria for certain groups of people are also partially or completely met.


The “Travel for All” labeling system identifies 7 main groups for which the quality criteria were developed:

The quality criteria (Version 3.0)

for the affected groups of people form the basis for the “Travel for All” label.

The development of the detailed criteria used at the labelling system results from several years of cooperation and coordination with affected associations and tourism bodies.

Please note that the criteria are not a planning basis for architects. The local building regulations remain applicable and obligatory for new construction or major reconstruction of buildings and infrastructure.

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