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Levels of training

The  academy provides adapted and customized training  according to the needs and the information of the learners. 

The job description and the goal of each employee shape the his educational needs in regards with accessibility in tourism. 

InclusiveSolution provides a customised training package in accordance with the level, the needs and

the requests of each touristic business. 

The result is a tailor-made training which will provide tourist professionals with the necessary supplies to: 

  • acquire specialised information about accessibility and inclusive tourism,

  • grow sustainability and accessibility in the field, 

  • exploit accessibility in marketing and promotion. 

InclusiveGreece, in general, focuses on the following topics: 

  • Management & marketing

  • Web Accessibility

  • Accessibility: An opportunity for business growth.

First step is information and knowledge.

That's why InclusiveSolution provides a complete training customised to the needs of the market. The training is categorised at different levels, each one designed for different position within the tourism industry. Education creates the ultimate potential in accessible destination development.

Therefore, workshops and training are one of the essential components and activities provided within the certification.

To create a greater understanding and awareness of accessibility, the training is offered to employees, regions, and tourism service providers.

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